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About Suzi

Hi, my name is Suzi. I teach at Studio 25 in Manchester City Centre and I teach tribal fusion and belly flow drills.

About Me

I've been dancing since the age of 3 and during that time have studied ballet, tap, modern, contemporary and ballroom, but when I took my first belly dancing class I knew I was home! I've studied under Katy of LBD for the past 4 years and am a regular performer on the Manchester belly dance scene. I love the freedom of belly dancing and the “inclusive” policy that underpins the belly dance community. Belly dance is for everyone, regardless of age or shape and it has really helped me with my self confidence and given me a positive body image. I've spent the past couple of years travelling the length and breadth of the UK taking workshops with some amazing teachers of both Tribal Fusion and Goth Fusion belly dance who have greatly influenced my teaching and performing style including Bex, Darkstar, Elis Pinheiro, Lamia Barbara, Alexis Southall, Ashley Lopez and Rachel Brice.

My classes

Don’t worry if you have never danced before, so long as you have fun in class, that’s all that matters! My Tuesday class is perfect for the complete beginner and my Thursday class is more suited to students who have taken belly dance class before and are looking for the next step in their dance journey (although complete beginners are welcome). My classes are faced paced and and you can expect to sweat so please do bring water. The studio can get hot, especially in the summer. Wear comfy cloths that you can move in freely, leggings and a t-shirt are perfect. I offer a block booking discount and if you pay for 5 classes you will get one free! Classes don't have to be taken back to back, so don't worry if life gets in the way and you have to skip a week. It will run across both classes too, if you want to come and dance with me more than once a week!

My Contact Details

Phone: 07882 202656  
Email: dedancey@googlemail.com  

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