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Lynne Photo by Nicky Thompson.


About Lynne

Hi, I'm Lynne and I teach at Bury. I've been covering the Bury class ocassionally for the last couple of years and in August I took over the class permanently.

About Me

My background is nursing, I qualified as a registered nurse in 1976. I now work as a complementary therapy practitioner, specialising in cancer care and am co-founder of Bury Cancer Support Centre. I have been belly dancing for more than 8 years since first attending Nicky’s class in Bury. I was hooked from the first lesson! My training in belly dance has been by both Nicky and Katy – so very much in the Learn Belly Dance style. I am also a member of the Kasbah Dance Company.

About my approach to dance

Belly dance has been a revelation to me in many ways. I love the way that women of all ages and levels of fitness can take from the dance what is right for them. Whether it’s simply a fun way to exercise or to study and learn belly dance techniques, possibly the start of a new career, the benefits work for everyone. The opportunity to express the beauty of your own spirit through belly dance in an all- women environment, to become more in touch with your body as you gain muscle control and develop new skills can be a wonderfully liberating, therapeutic and confidence building experience

My style of dance is traditional belly dance technique with emphasis on core muscle development. Above all I aim the class to be fun, uplifting and energy boosting and suitable for all women. So come and give it a try – you may find yourself hooked too!

My Contact Details

Phone: 07593 096 139  
Email: lynnemarland@aol.com  

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