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Katy C

Katy C Photo by The Hooded Lens.


About Katy C

Hi, Iím Katy C and I am available to teach workshops though I don't teach a regular class anymore due to the pressures of the day-job

I donít believe that there is only one way to dance Ė everyone has their own style and I hope to give my students the confidence to develop theirs. The basis of my style is Egyptian folk style so that is the style I teach! However, beginners foundation work is pretty much the same whatever style of belly dance.

My training

I've trained with some of the best teachers and dancers in the UK and Egypt. My style is most influenced by Sara Farouk and her fluid but powerful style. I've attended her Raqia Hassan's teachers' seminar in Cairo with some of the greatest dancers and teachers in Egypt and I regularly attend workshops with both British and overseas teachers to keep my dance fresh and challenging. I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Dance and Wellbeing from the University of Central Lancashire too.

I also teach regular workshops

My Contact Details

Phone: 07780 708 544  
Email: office@katycarmichael.co.uk  

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