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Costume Photo by Peter Fletcher Photography.

Costume Photo by Peter Fletcher Photography.


What to Wear

Dancing is great exercise. You will be moving and getting hot so wear cool, comfortable clothing.

You don't need to buy anything special - you prbably have exactly what you need already!


Your feet need to be able to move. Bare feet or flat, flexible shoes are best. Try to avoid shoes which don’t let your feet bend. Trainers are not suitable, they just don't flex enough. Flip flops and shoes with heels are not suitable as they can be dangerous for you and other students. Any student wearing flip flops, backless shoes and shoes with heels will be asked to remove them.


Wear something that's easy to move in and you won't get too hot in. Usually that means jogging pants and a t-shirt or a skirt and a t-short. Don't wear jeans as they are too restrictive and don't feel you have to wear or buy anything in particular that you don't already own. Belly dance costumes can be expensive and until you know your style you won't know what suits you best. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Clothing that moves when you do, like floaty material or fringing, accentuates the moves and can help you feel the part. Some scarves are available to borrow at each class, but do bring your own if you have one.

A note on “jingly” costumes

We would prefer it if you did not wear coin belts in class. Many beginners like to buy a coin belt or hip scarf to make them feel like their movements are having an effect. However, it hinders rather than helps with your dancing when you are a beginner. The movement and sound of the coins becomes the focus of your attention and you don't learn as well as if you wear something that does not make a noise. Also, they can be very distracting to other students and your teacher - at worse they can really spoil your fellow students experience and drive your teacher demented especially in a busy class! This is a greater problem in some classes than others and we know that coins are great fun but they are best if you keep them for parties.

Best places to buy

We make much of our costuming ourselves, and find charity shops, fabric shops and the sales are great places to start. You can also see our useful links guide for help on finding on-line shops selling clothes and jewellery that may appeal to you. We have a souk at the Kasbah Club and the Urban Dervish shop in Eccles is the best equipped and friendliest belly dance shop in the country!

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