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Our classes

Our classes Photo by Gill Moore Photography.


What our students say about our classes

"Your classes were what I needed at a time when there was some not so good stuff going on in my life. You gave me a much needed confidence boost and I'll always be grateful for that, as well as for the memories that I now have, especially those of your mum messing about and you telling her off :). I think I would be much less confident if I hadn't started attending belly dancing. Xx"

"Just wanted to say a really big thank you for taking the time to share the beauty of belly dancing with me. You make the classes so enjoyable that I really look forward to attending on Wednesday nights."

"My friend mentioned when I met up with her recently that I had a different hip movement from usual when walking. It was only then that I realized I was subconsciously humming and practising my moves!!!!"

"I attended classes with Rachel - I believe she's a great teacher and of great inspiration and motivation"

What our students say about Weekend Belly Camp

What did you enjoy most?

"The support of everybody"; "Making new friends: all the girls were fantastic!"; "My first time at Belly Camp - it was the best weekend ever!" "Being myself and not worrying about what other people think"

What did you enjoy least?

"Leaving!"; "Going home"

(These are real comments - we tried to find some negative ones but we couldn't!)

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